Our clients benefit from a range of interactive sessions

These sessions are aimed at creating brand inventories, market segment profiling, competitive profiling, new product and service ideation and creative problem solving.

Additionally, candescence boasts a growing portfolio of marketing strategy frameworks which work to facilitate consensus building and expedite strategic planning.

candescence is a firm with a lot of tools. The right tools for the right results.

branding workshops

Branding Workshops

Branding workshops are highly efficient, facilitated sessions designed to address branding opportunity. Consumer need-state, competitive profiling and brand inventory building are typical exercises conducted in a brand workshop.

The best workshops include a cross-section of typically about twenty “subject matter experts” within our client’s organization.

ideation sessions

Ideation Sessions

Ideation sessions are about solving problems and identifying opportunities. Through use of a set of projective techniques, we harness the energy and intellectual capital within your organization to generate, evaluate and develop business building strategies and tactics. candescence ideation sessions are collaborative, consensus building, actionable and fun.

planning frameworks

Planning Frameworks

A planning framework is a paradigm…in other words a method of understanding a particular phenomenon. We use them to shorten the time and energy often used to gain consensus. What is the problem and how are we going to solve it? The good news is, we aren’t starting from scratch…we’ve already done some of the work. candescence planning frameworks are often used to kick-start a planning engagement.


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