The Context Analysis

Our discovery process is based on a “triangulation process” which efficiently collects information from the three information domains critical to brand planning:

  • The Corporate (or organization)
  • The Consumer (or constituency set)
  • The Competition (or peer group)

The Synergy Model

A brand doesn’t happen over-night or occur by chance or even result from a single burst of creativity.  It is a process that depends on getting a few things right.  It isn’t rocket science but it is a discipline for the organization serious about improving its performance. Increasingly, brands are evaluated by their constituents based on their behavior and by the experiences conferred to the marketplace.

  • Continuity
    The behavior of the brand over-time. A flow of messages and behaviors that is reinforcing and which build meaning in the long-term. Brands which are too “episodic” or that “change horses in mid-stream lose traction in the long-run.
  • Consistency
    The alignment of messaging across media channels and touchpoints. These include not just the traditional media but the social platforms and the on-the-ground, in-store environment and post-sale experience.
  • Creative Device
    The attention-getting, memorable and emotive component of the brand. Creative devices bring brands to life, increase relevancy and provide differentiation in the marketplace.
  • Cooperation
    Cooperation tactics are about creating community, partnership with other brands and, ultimately consumer advocacy. This is the realm in which the brand assimilates into the consumer’s lifestyle and in-effect crosses over from corporate ownership to consumer ownership.

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