Brand planning and strategic planning workshops.

While workshops are usually part of a comprehensive planning process, some clients use candscence-facilitated workshops for annual or periodic strategic planning in more of a stand-alone format.

candescence workshops can range from a half-day session to a two-day session, depending on the issues at stake.  The workshops we do most often are half-day sessions and are implemented after a number of other strategy-informing activities (such as a brand audit, competitive analysis and market study) have been completed.  Clients like workshops because they are “information immersive” and create an atmosphere of creative thinking which often forces new ideas to the surface and always creates actionable learning.

sparks workshops


The sparks tool, used with the right brand stakeholders can ignite a new level of thinking about your brand. Sparks is a brand inventory tool used in a workshop setting.  It is designed to discover and create a large quantity of potential brand messages.  A typical Sparks session generates over 100 “brand opportunity statements” which can be scored on our three-dimensional validity/motivation/differentiation scale and eventually evaluated by consumers.

Profile Workshop


Profile is a market segmentation and/or competitor profiling tool. Used in a break-out format within a workshop, this projective technique helps brand stakeholders create robust and textured descriptions of potential buyers, influencers or competitor which can then be used to uncover market-based opportunities and refine brand and messaging strategy.



Laddering is a multi-purpose technique which can be used in a workshop setting a consumer focus group and is most often used as part of our “brand narrative” technique of representing brand strategies. The “ladder diagram” defines the logical connection between features, benefits and rewards received by a particular marketplace offer.

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