The Re-emergence of Local

We were in a meeting last week reviewing media options for the upcoming fall schedule for a particular client.  Obviously lots of alternatives in the area of “emerging” digital media surfaced.  New services from Facebook, native media plays, new pay-per-click options, etc.  One potential tactic, the addition of Pandora to the schedule evoked some interesting conversation.  Obviously […]

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This is what I’m talking about…

Well not exactly the do-it-yourself economy to which I was referring.  But, there’s a guy who parks his car near my place of work who has taken matters into his own hands with the duct tape.  I’ll have to let my friends at Shurtape in on this.  As the largest manufacturer of duct tape, we spent […]

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The Do-It-Yourself Economy

First we heard about “The Experience Economy,” the idea that service organizations are taking over the economy.  When your kid has a birthday in the 1950s you bake a cake from scratch; in the 60s you open a box and add an egg; in the 90’s you just go to Chuck E Cheese.  In other […]

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The Test-Measure-Learn Culture

“That business wasn’t an experiment that failed…it was a failure to experiment.”  My sentiments exactly.  Too many businesses practice a formulaic, industry best practices, same-as-last-year approach to strategic planning.  It’s not just unambitious; it’s irresponsible.  As marketing people, we are expected to be creative thinkers.  As creative thinkers, it is incumbent upon us to design […]

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Old School Social

With all due respect to instagram, twitter and pinterest, I just received a post card from a friend traveling in Scotland. And, get this, he painted the card himself in water color. A beautiful scene from, and painted during, his recent trip to Scotland.

I think I have a new man-friend.  Who does this?  No one really, […]

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They’re Still Pressing Vinyl…What?

The funny thing about media is that most new media formats do not make obsolete that which followed. AM radio didn’t disappear when FM came on the scene. And, broadcast radio still survives despite the popularity of satellite radio. The movies didn’t go under when television came into our homes. And, cable TV didn’t ruin […]

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A Brand is a Conversation

Kudos to my colleague Steve Lash who started our presentation the other day by saying: “a brand is a conversation.” In front of a room of about one-hundred people, eager to hear their new name and view their new graphic identity, Steve begins by emphasizing the idea that brands are beginnings to conversations about […]

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Get Used to a New Lifeform: The “Brandbeing”

I know, it sounds a little extraterrestrial (and kind of creepy) but here is what it is about.  Brands are behaving more and more like humans and humans are behaving more and more like brands.

It isn’t exactly a new trend.  Brands have been trying to relate to people (obviously) for decades, in fact practically since […]

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The Two Schools

What I’m noticing is that there are two distinct “schools of thought” with respect to marketing these days. One is being advanced by the content people. It is about spontaneity, real-time marketing and responsiveness. The marketing of presence. These days we develop–no crank-out–the content and push it through the channels. It requires creativity, speed and […]

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