Bob Daviescandescence was founded in 2004 by Bob Davies, an advertising, branding and integrated marketing veteran.

Our mission is to improve your use of “brand.” And, in particular, to help organizations who, for various reasons, are in transition with respect to brand. Firms and not-for-profit operators who engage with candescence seek to improve their marketing strategies, the way they present to a marketplace and, finally, their ability to manage and sustain one of their most critical assets: their brand identity.


A Recent Project

earth fare


A regional, organic food store with a loyal but sometimes contentious customer base.

  • What They Had
    Growing but uneven recognition that they were a smaller version of Whole Foods within their South-east U.S. trading area. And, an occasionally hostile customer base which often objected to merchandising decisions.
  • What We Did
    Recognized the strength of their customer culture and the need for loyal customers to serve as advocates and brand stewards. A new campaign would invite customers into the process, effectively creating customer ownership of the brand.
  • What They Got
    A campaign idea based on customer sensitivity and advocacy for more nutritious choices.
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