I’m blessed with a client who is a conceptual thinker and providing a lot of food for thought.  The “opportunity” facing us is that he is in an industry sorely in need of a new image.  It is an industry which, for a number of reasons, lacks the necessary image to attract younger workers, especially young women.  I pointed him and his colleagues to the GE campaign.  Here is the youtube url: https://youtu.be/sucKTktHYA8.

The thinking here is wonderful.  I hope it is working.  Turning around a brand is difficult, especially for a large, well-established industrial company.  Turning around an entire industry is obviously more difficult.

Why does this particular spot, and the campaign it is part of, potentially work?   Because it gets outside of itself.  It isn’t about features and benefits or what the company can do; it is, on the other hand, about rewards or about what you can do.  To the extent generalizations can be made, it captures the “millennial mood” and it is empowering.

I hope those in my client’s industry share my observations.