My friend Ann sent me this.  It’s a little funny but mostly sad.  The last time we were in Greece, we were gathered up and found ourselves at the receiving end of a “micro-public-relations” campaign.  We discovered–between the grape leaves–that our hosts were on a mission.  The premise was that the international media and particularly the American business press, had consistently and unfairly misrepresented the Greek work ethic.  What we sort of noticed was that their culture was just different with respect to work and leisure.

I wish their thinking with respect to work-life balance would work.  The Zorba the Greek lifestyle…  romantic, carefree, itinerant, boozy.  We need Greece to be Greece…to have that place on the planet.  But, the realities of the global economy have proven that it just doesn’t work these days.  Lack of sustainability strikes again.

And, participation in the European Economic Union hasn’t just dented their national pride, it has apparently limited their options.  You can grow things in Greece that the rest of the world values.  Grapes, olives, lemons.  But their European partners do not want this.  We were told, that they were told: “you are about tourism, not agriculture.”

It’s bad.  Parallel currency?  Drachma?  Greece, we’re still pulling for you.  Opa.