I’m a Malcom Gladwell fan.  I’m also a self-proclaimed “challenger brand marketing” expert.  So, Mr. Gladwell’s latest book: David & Goliath, is right up my alley.

He reminds us that the industry giant is not often what it appears to be and that size alone is not a strategy.  In fact, size can often be a source of vulnerability.  If that was true in Biblical times, how much more true is it in the digital age?

It turns out Goliath always won when he was at close range.  He beckoned David to come closer. What David knew–and what every challenger brand needs to know–is that you cannot beat the giant at his own game.  Enter the alternative technology of the day: the slingshot.

Here’s my question to aspiring challenger brand marketers everywhere. What is your slingshot? What is the alternative technology, idea or strategy that slays the industry giant.  If you don’t have one, chances are you will be playing by the giant’s rules, not yours.  And, giants stomp on people.