Kudos to my colleague Steve Lash who started our presentation the other day by saying: “a brand is a conversation.” In front of a room of about one-hundred people, eager to hear their new name and view their new graphic identity, Steve begins by emphasizing the idea that brands are beginnings to conversations about specific needs, benefits and, ultimately a relationship between an organization and its users.

This entire notion is of course reflected in internet marketing. How often have we been beckoned by web marketing practitioners to “join the conversation?” Google, for instance, continues to evolve their algorithm. As they evaluate the content of a particular website, they are increasingly evaluating the extent to which there is a dialog occurring. Does the text sound like a conversation or is it just unrealistically and annoyingly packed with key words? Are there cross-links to other relevant sites? In other words, is there a conversation going on?

Thinking about a conversation, or what makes a conversation work…there is mutual interest, dialog, listening. People in conversations know each other. Not bad advice for people trying to brand things.